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Divorce Liens

In A Divorce Settlement?
Not Sure How To Settle the Property ?

Consider a Divorce Lien

You can arrange Divorce Liens so...

She stays in the house ........ He gets cash
Or he stays in the house and she gets the cash

For Her ...

  • Stays in the house
  • Avoids relocation expenses
  • Has reasonable house payments
  • Maintains home equity
  • Keep the same home, schools and neighbors for herself and children

For Him ...

  • Has a mortgage on the house
  • Gets cash by selling the mortgage note
  • Gets money for new living accomodations
  • Obtains cash to pay divorce lawyers or divorce attorney fees
  • Obtains cash for a fresh start in life

She stays in the house ........ He gets cash
Or he stays in the house and she gets the cash

Am I a Candidate for a Divorce Lien?

Questions to Answer ...

  1. Do we own the house ?
  2. Do we have significant equity in the house?
  3. Can we agree that one of us gets the house?
  4. Can we agree that one of us gets a mortgage note secured by the property?
  5. Does the spouse keeping the house have sufficient income to make payments?
    ie taxes, insurance, mortgage, upkeep
  6. Are we each represented by a divorce lawyer?

If You Can Answer Yes ....
Get Your Lawyer To Arrange a Divorce Lien

Information Your Divorce Lawyer Needs To Arrange a Divorce Lien?

  1. What is the Appraised Value of the House?
  2. What is the Balance Owed on the Mortgage?
  3. How Much Equity Is There in the house?
  4. All of your financial information, including both incomes, assets and debts.

How do you get the cash?

If You Get A Divorce Lien As part of the Divorce Settlement You could Sell Divorce Liens to us

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How to divorce as friends will save both of you an awful lot of stress and money. Consider using a Divorce Lien.

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